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ACMA Creation

altACMA is the one and only contemporary music enrichment academy in Melaka that provides specialized music education. We offer pop, jazz, rock keyboard & piano, drums, vocal, acoustic & electric guitar, bass guitar, jamming course and studio recording. We provide all kind of musical instruments and music books for sale.

We are different based on the special formatted syllabus “EXPRESS LEARNING MUSIC” and method of teaching. Our department is range from casual music enthusiasts to music teachers and even accomplished musicians...


We are a music academy that offers you the opportunity to explore and experience music playing in a way where you can unleashed the music from your soul.


Have you ever dream of playing music on a big stage in front of hundreds and thousands of people? Ever dream of playing your music instrument like a rock star or pop star? Well, wait no more because ACMA Creation is where we recruit and trained passionate musicians who are hunger and desperate to express their soul through music.

Here we offer various types of classes such as :

Acoustic/ Electric Guitar
Bass Guitar
Piano/ Keyboard / Organ
Band Class

We also provide services for :

Recording Service
Jamming Studio
Music Instruments Sales