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    About Us

    ACMA is the one and only contemporary music enrichment academy in Melaka that provides specialized music education. We offer pop, jazz, rock keyboard & piano, drums, vocal, acoustic & electric guitar, bass guitar, jamming course and studio recording. We provide all kind of musical instruments and music books for sale.

    We are different based on the special formatted syllabus “EXPRESS LEARNING MUSIC” and method of teaching. Our department is range from casual music enthusiasts to music teachers and even accomplished musicians. Our vision is to make each student proficient in their instruments of choice and to enable them to adapt the word “musicians” developing a sense of musical taste and a versatile style of performance. We love music. It’s the passion that has driven our musician coaches all these years to master the art of teaching musicians improvisation.

    Our coaches are qualified professional instructors with experience and are genuine performing musicians who are specifically trained to teach contemporary music. All instructors in the academy share the same passion and sharing the gift of music to passionate music learners.


    A clean & safe environment with a home based setting provides students a comfortable surrounding for them to practice and learn music in a fun way.


    Crucial to be an educated and all rounder musician as this will enable a student to play smoothly through reading music scores.


    A unique system & syllabus that enables young musicians to identify musical sound and play without the need to look at music scores. Through this method, musicians are able to be independent and rely on their hearing skills.


    Students will go through a wide variation of different contemporary playing styles based on each specific genre according to their music instruments . Students will also be given assignment and recordings to practice and revised on songs.

    International Examination

    We also provide international exams for students who wish to participate. We hold examinations which are will recognized by international music teaching syllabus such as Trinity and Rock School music exams.


    In our academy, we welcome people of all ages. Music has no boundaries and limits. It is an ongoing learning process that one will never stop.


    We offer free trial lessons for curious and passionate students who wish to try out an instruments. Students will get the opportunity to play their favorite songs from their favorite artiste on tv and radio. A demo performance from our existing students will also be illustrated for you to get a clearer image and understanding about the course that you wish to enroll.


    Our music teachers are qualified teachers and well trained professionals who have experience in playing music for many years. Our teachers are also graduates from well recognized music colleges and universities & have performed in various major events along with many Malaysian artiste and bands.


    In our academy , we don't just limit to classes only, we also organized events and concerts for students to perform & show their skills on stage. Through this, students will gain experience and exposure on how to react to their audiences.


    Besides that, we also held workshops for our students to widen their knowledge about their musical instruments. We invite special guest artiste both local & outstation to conduct the workshop specially catered to the needs of our students.

    Well don't hesitate anymore. Come on over and be a part of us today!