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    Artecent(born 25 January, 1996), is a Multi-Instrumentalist, performers, composer and music teacher. Artecent's father, Alex was a Disc Jockey (DJ) and a Graphic Designer. Since Artecent was a child, Alex had teach him the basic knowledge about music and drawing skill.

    2009 - Artecent started learning music at 13years old. The first instrument that Artecent learned was Baritone. He won The Best Junior Performer Award in the Muar Concert Band Competition.

    2011 - Artecent started learning Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Clarinet, Flute, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone. Artecent got the Champion in the Malacca Concert Band Competition. Music exchange with ChongChing Wind Orchestra from Taiwan.

    2012 - Artcent started learning Chinese Transverse Flute Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet and Violin and stared performing.
    Music performance(solo and band) and Music exchange in Taiwan with this following band:
    - ChongChing Wind Orchestra
    - YangMing Concert Band
    - GungGuan Symphonic Orchestra
    - GungGuan Chinese Orchestra
    - BanQiao Wind Orchestra
    - Chi-Sui Concert Band
    - AnHo Concert Band

    2013 - Artecent did his interview and audition and get into TCM Chinese Orchestra and become a Suona player. He got the Champion in the Malacca Concert Band Competition. Artecent was auditioned at ACMA concert rehearsal. He showed much interest to become a woodwind instructor and participating in ACMA first mini concert. Artecent had his performance at ACMA concert and become the woodwind instructor.