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    Nazeri Bin Omar (AIE)

    Company Director / Sound Recording, Music Producer, Guitar and Drums Coach / Musician

    Started learning guitar at the age of 13. A self taught guitarist while growing up watching relatives and family members, especially his uncle Syed Sobrie who happens to be an artist in the 80’s, performing everytime there’s a family events.

    1992 – started the first underground indie band “Spiral Kinetic Circus”; a psychedelic rock band “Rogue Covet”. Recorded a song in a compilation album called “Circle of Friends” - (Spiral Kinetic Circus). Another compilation album “Alternatives Collection” - (Rogue Covet).

    Around the 90’s – Played first gig in Anderos Pub. Then live “Live Center” and various places around K.L.

    1994 – Won an AIM award for Best New Band with the band Violet.

    1998 – Went to Europe. Travelling and busking in some parts in England.

    2000 – Come back to K.L. and started as a full time busker around the city of K.L. During the time as an active performer had the opportunity to jam with local guitarist and artists such as Syed Sharidir (Sherry), Julian Mokhtar, Jerry Felix, Md Noor Hendrix including some international bands from the Philipines and Thailand. Currently is teaching guitars and drums in ACMA and sound recording works.

    2011 - Sound Engineer, Music Producer and Music Brand Manager for Dato wah Idris, the extraordinary International Composer Musician, Enterpreneur of Prima Events and Music.

    Aie recorded the "Lagu Pelancongan Negeri Perak" in July 15 and Malaysiaku Gemilang - Kibarkan Jalur Gemilang - Sempena Ulang tahun Kemerdekaan ke 50.

    2012 - Company Director, Sound Recording and Music Producer, Guitar and Drums coach in ACMA.