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    Samuel Go

    A talented and qualified guitar coach and leader of ACMA Event Band - The Lilies (Teach Beginner to Intermediate Level)

    Started learning the guitar self taught by himself at the age of 23.

    At the year of 2011 - Samuel went to an interview and audition as a performer at Station 1 Melaka. He went through the audition and was selected as one of the best performer. (Singing and playing the acoustic guitar)

    With all his own confidence and committed attitude, Samuel went on talent search to build up his own business. He aimed his goal and build up his own group of singers/performers at the same year.

    Samuel is a famous performer at the cafe. He has his own group of fans.

    He continues to improve himself and started working as a guitar coach at Do Re Mi Melaka.

    At the year of 2012 September, Samuel was introduced by a musician friend to work at ACMA Creation. He did his interview and audition and get into ACMA.

    At every opportunity he made himself available to the company for all meetings and classes.His close relationship with his students often brought more referred students to ACMA. With his confidence and achievement as a guitar coach, Samuel formed his own talents and build up a band for ACMA, called The Lilies. As a leader of the band he always make sure his band members always perform the best on the stage or any event.

    His current experiences and Events - Station 1, Wings Cafe, Garden99, Twin 9 and Voices Cafe.